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Published on September 28th, 2012 | by April Streeter


12 story vertical greenhouse breaks ground

Green house | The concept of vertical greenhouses may be necessary when we reach 7 billion humans, but are they practical now when farm land is still less expensive than urban real estate? Swedish urban agriculture firm Plantagon says yes, and has broken ground on what the company plans to be a greenhouse skyscraper demonstration project.

Plantagon’s vertical skyscraper will be located in the greening city of Linköping, and will be, according to the company, “a demo plant for Swedish cleantech and a climate-smart way to use excess heating and CO2 from industries.”

Plantagon’s plan is to grow plants in pots, arrayed in trays that are moved around the building’s helix structure and fed nutrients and water along the way. As they grow, crop pots move their way down to the basement for harvest. Plant residues and manure are supposed to produce biogas to help run the building.

Plantagon is crowd-funding 1 million Euros of the 200 million Euro project – funders who contribute 50 Swedish crowns or more get a share of the crops in approximately 2014. To buy a bit of the greenhouse, visit …

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