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Published on January 31st, 2013 | by Anneli Hidalgo


Denmark pushes for electric, gas and hydrogen cars

The Danish government has set aside a total of DKK 70m (€9.3m) to develop infrastructure for vehicles that run on electricity, natural gas and hydrogen.

According to A State of Green, this spring will see new partnerships will help increase the number of electric cars on the streets in Denmark as well as ensure easier access to charging stands. The goal is to create the greatest possible impact and increase the number of energy-efficient vehicles driving on the roads.

Partnerships promoting electric cars will receive DKK40m (€5.3m) over the next three years. The first DKK 20m (€2.7m) will be made available in 2013. Stakeholders such as local governments and owners of large car fleets are invited to take part in the partnerships. Partnerships to provide natural gas for heavy transport will be granted DKK 20m (€2.7m) over three years, while DKK 10m (€1.3m) has been set aside to develop infrastructure for vehicles running on hydrogen.
Denmark’s Climate, Energy and Buildings Minister Martin Lidegaard. Photo credit: Christian Stæhr

“Shifting transportation toward renewable energy will be a great challenge. We will need a range of technologies to cover the needs of both cars and heavier vehicles. The money and new partnerships will form an important basis for development of the technologies over the coming years,” said Climate, Energy and Buildings Minister Martin Lidegaard in a press release.

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