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Published on September 27th, 2013 | by Anneli Hidalgo


IPCC: Global warming caused by humans

Climate researchers conclude that global warming is caused by mankind’s greenhouse gas emissions, according to the IPCC report presented in Stockholm on September 27.

It is very likely, or at least to 95 percent sure, that mankind’s emissions of greenhouse gases are causing the climate changes, states the IPCC climate panel. During the last few days, delegates from more than 100 countries have met in Stockholm to agree on the various sentences and on the morning of September 27 the new report was ready.

Observations of the climate system are based on direct measurements and remote sensing from satellites and other platforms. Global-scale observations from the instrumental era began in the mid-19th century for temperature and other variables, with more comprehensive and diverse sets of observations available for the period 1950 onwards. The changes in the climate system that have been observed since the 1950s is not like anything that has happened during the last millions of years of the history of the earth, states the researchers in the report. The three latest decades have all been warmer than any previous decade since 1850. The period between 1983-2012 was probably the warmest 30 year long period in 1,400 years. Furthermore, the report states that the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is higher than it has been for 800,000 years and the amount of carbon dioxide is 40 percent higher than before the industrialization.

In order to stop the climate changes drastical and long-term greenhouse gas emission reductions are required. However, the climate changes will persist for several hundred years even if we would stop the emission of greenhouse gases since carbon dioxide remains for a long time in the atmoshpere.

The conclusions in the report is based on a whole raft of independent scientific studies and results.


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