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Published on January 31st, 2013 | by Anneli Hidalgo


New Danish research center

At the Center for Design, Innovation and Sustainable Transition, 45 researchers will address the challenge of creating a more sustainable society through new insight and innovative solutions.

According to Invest in Denmark, DIST will be a core part of Aalborg University’s strategy for building a strong, research based campus in Copenhagen that is nationally and internationally recognized within the fields of design, innovation and sustainable transitions. The center aims to bring together researchers from the humanities, the technical and social sciences who are dedicated to conducting research on the socio-technical and economic dynamics of moving towards more sustainable societies. Research will be focused on the design of sustainable products and processes, how innovation processes result in change and the implications of these changes on society. DIST’s ambition is to work closely together with external partners and advance new research agendas most efficiently.

“The growth and prosperity of society have been based on the exploitation of natural resources and energy (..). There is a need for new visions to ensure the further development of society. As researchers we can contribute with answers to what society can do at a point in time where the mechanisms behind the former growth are obsolete,” said Head of DIST, Professor Ulrik Jørgensen in a press release.

Among current projects are Carbon 20 with the purpose of strengthening cooperation between city governments and companies about reduction of companies’ greenhouse gas emissions and iPower, a research and innovation platform devoted to the development of an intelligent and flexible energy system that can handle fluctuating power generation. The aim of the platform is a shift from consumption-driven power generation to production-driven electricity consumption.


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