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Published on June 10th, 2013 | by Anneli Hidalgo


New hydrothermal liquefaction facility in Denmark

Steeper Energy and the Energy Technology Biomass Programme at Aalborg University recenlty opened a new hydrothermal liquefaction facility.

The new Aalborg facility, designed and constructed by Steeper Energy Aps, is aimed at testing feedstocks for a new chemical fuel technology known as hydrofication. A technology that can create synthetic oil out of biomass, peat or lignite coal. The new HTL bio-oil facility will be a laboratory to test a variety of renewable feedstocks, such as excess straws from grain or oil-seed crops, palm and sugar-cane residues, manures, forestry wastes, and algae as well as young fossil organics such as peat or lignite coal.

The project was partly supported through a grant awarded by Denmark’s Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building under the EUDP programme. It boasts a variety of international industrial and research partners including the University of Alberta, as well as Shell, Man Diesel and Scandinavian Airlines. Both Steeper Energy Aps and the ET Biomass Programme will conduct research at Aalborg. Steeper has plans to commercialize its Hydrofaction technology in North America through Calgary-based Steeper Energy Canada Ltd. A thirty times larger pilot-scale project is planned for Alberta in early 2014 and a full-scale commercial demonstration could be under construction by 2016.

Steeper Energy Aps is a Danish-based technology development and licensing company while Steeper Energy Canada Ltd. is a commercialization and project development company that holds a license to exploit Hydrofaction technology in North America. Both companies are working to create clean oil from natural resources.

Aalborg University

Aalborg University

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