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Published on September 26th, 2013 | by Anneli Hidalgo


Statkraft’s Stamåsen wind farm enters operation

The wind farm, which is part of the largest wind energy project in Norrland County, Sweden, opened on September 26.

The Stamåsen wind farm, operated by Statkraft SCA Vind AB (a company owned 60 per cent by Statkraft and 40 per cent by SCA), is located in the Strömsund and Sollefteå municipalities. The farm comprises 26 wind turbines, which are expected to deliver approx. 200 GWh annually. Investments in the farm total SEK one billion.

“We’re proud and happy that the Stamåsen wind farm is now in operation. Statkraft is Europe’s leading renewable energy company and we will continue to be so. Over the course of a few years we have decided on a total of SEK 8.8 billion wind energy investments in Sweden, This is an important part of our work to secure a sustainable future,” said Jakob Norström, managing director of SSVAB, in a press release.

Stamåsen is a part of an investment in several wind farms in western Norrland and Jämtland counties, and is according to Statkraft, one of the largest wind energy investments in Sweden. An additional three wind farms are currently being constructed in western Norrland and Jämtland: Mörttjärnberget, Björkhöjden and Ögonfägnaden. In total, the project includes 186 wind turbines and when completed, the wind farms will produce 1.6 TWh annually. Statkraft further states that during the development phase the wind farms will create around 300 jobs and 50 jobs year round during the operations phase.

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