Climate change temperatures

Published on October 11th, 2013 | by Anneli Hidalgo


Temperatures increased faster than expected

If greenhouse gas emissions continue in the current pace, by 2047 the world will see higher temperatures than the all-time high noted in the last 150 years.

Should the emissions be marginally reduced however, it will take until 2069. This is concluded in a new research report published in Nature. Researchers at the University of Hawaii have revised and analyzed climate data to estimate when the cities of the world will reach a climatologist breakpoint (when temperatures will be higher than the all-time high temperatures noted during the last 150 years). The points in time depends on the location but the effect will probably be biggest in the Tropic Zone. Stockholm is the only Swedish city that the researchers in their calculations and it is believed that the Swedish capital will reach the climatologist breakpoint by 2060 or 2089, depending on the emission scenario.

The conclusion is that the developed countries have to decrease their emissions as well as aiding poor countries in minimizing the effects of a change climate.


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