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Published on September 28th, 2012 | by Jani Timonen


The Countries Designed to Solve Problems

A few months ago Cleantech Finland launched the problem solving service, Solved, which offers access to leading cleantech experts. The experts from Cleantech Finland’s member companies and partner organizations play a key role in Solved. Via the service anyone can ask questions, discuss and meet other key cleantechies. Top experts from different cleantech sectors provide information, perspectives and practical experience. The aim is to connect the smartest people and solutions with the global challenges that people all over the world are struggling with. It’s time to move from talk to action and solve the world’s environmental problems.

Last year Cleantech Finland carried out two extensive reviews on the future of cleantech. An international survey brought in over one thousand ideas from different countries. Many respondents highlighted the importance and impact of communication in raising awareness and changing attitudes towards cleantech. The Nordic countries are global cleantech leaders because they have the competence and built-in attitude to do things as efficiently as possible. The Nordic attitude is the key to solving environmental problems that need a holistic approach.

We also see the need for combining different fields of expertise more effectively. This is happening right now in Helsinki: the World Design Capital Helsinki highlights the question of material and energy efficiency as well as the so called clean design approach, which takes into account the environmental life-cycle and impact of design. Cleantech solutions require excellent design and life-cycle thinking to compete effectively on the global market. Today, alongside the traditional fields such as pulp and paper, design is coming to the fore in the consideration of the full life-cycle of materials. Innovative Nordic design is well-known all over the world. The cleantech industry definitely needs creativity from the North.

The Nordic countries have always maintained a high profile regarding international problem solving and responsibility. Hence, the Nordic countries should compete together instead of against each other. The answer is our strong technological expertise, creativity and the willingness to take responsibility.
Together we can solve the world’s greatest problems.

Jani Timonen
Specialist, Cleantech Finland


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