Green Building UN Copenhagen Headquarters Photo Adam Mørk 3XN

Published on April 28th, 2013 | by Anneli Hidalgo


UN green headquarters to open in Copenhagen

The new UN City complex in Copenhagen’s Free Port is an award-winning green building office complex, designed by a Danish architect firm.

The new complex will form the central location for all United Nations based in Copenhagen. Rainwater tanks, solar panels and a seawater cooling system are all features of the new building. It also contains a number of energy-reducing and eco-friendly features that control the amount of energy used for ventilation, lighting, cooling and heating.

Thanks to the use of rainwater, water use in the building’s toilets, showers and kitchens is predicted to be reduced by more than 60 per cent. The UN City is estimated to capture an average of almost 3 million liters of rainwater annually. This would be enough to flush the entire building’s toilets for one year. Also, more than 1 400 solar panels have been installed on the roof, while seawater will be pumped into the basement, acting as a refrigerant in the building’s cooling system.

The UN City building, which is designed by the Danish architect firm 3XN, is predicted to reduce energy consumption by more than 55 per cent with the implementation of the different features. This has earned the building the European Commission’s Green Building Award for New Buildings in 2012. To reduce pollution from transportation and encourage employees to cycle to work, the UN City has also made more than 680 bicycle racks available.


UN Copenhagen Headquarters Photo Adam Mørk 3XN


UN Copenhagen Headquarters. Photo: Adam Mørk 3XN


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