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Published on October 15th, 2013 | by Anniki Skeidsvoll Eden


Lean for Leaders with new look

This autumn, Chalmers Professional Education is resuming its open course, Lean for Leaders. The content has been further developed and refined to meet the demand for in-depth Lean training with a clear focus on practical implementation.

Niklas Sundgren at Chalmers Professional Education has been active as a researcher and instructor in Lean since 1995. He is responsible for the updated course Lean for Leaders, which is starting in Gothenburg on October 9.

Chalmers has conducted both research and education in Lean production and Lean product development for quite some time. Why are you focusing on a special course for leaders?

We see that the leaders have a key role in the successful implementation of Lean. This applies both to formal and informal leaders in the organization. We have therefore created a training program that focuses on the leader’s role and behavior in the implementation of Lean.

New launch of Lean for Leaders with updated content. What’s new?

In recent years, we’ve conducted close to 100 Lean courses with more than 1,500 participants, and it is clear that the degree of maturity among the participants has significantly increased. This is why we have created a course that focuses on the challenges related to leadership. It’s a matter of for example, establishing daily Kaizen, coaching employees and pushing Lean implementation in a strong and clear manner.

Who should register for the course; is it intended for all leaders?

The challenges leaders encounter in the implementation of Lean are often the same, regardless of branch and organization. The course is also equally good for participants from both large and small companies since Lean must always be supported and grow forth on the team level. It is also a perfect complement for those who have previously taken basic courses in Lean production or Lean product development.

The course encompasses three sessions; what else is included?

Prior to each session the participants are assigned several online lessons and answer a number of questions in writing. The questions are subsequently discussed at the physical sessions, and because the participants are well prepared, moving to the more advanced areas of Lean goes quickly. Moreover, the participants carry out projects that are linked to mission-critical challenges in their own organizations.

Successful completion of the course entitles the participants to 6 university credits. What is the point of this?

Our courses are primarily configured to develop businesses and organizations, but personal incentive is also important. Those who complete the entire course receive 6 university credits and a course certificate from the Chalmers University of Technology. For us, it’s a clear-cut way of quality assuring the course’s content and scope.

Who are the instructors and how is instruction carried out?

The lecturers and instructors for the course are experts from both higher education and industry. This ensures that the course is rooted in applicable research, but at the same time, that it has a solid practical orientation. The course content is based on the latest Lean research in combination with best practices from industry. This practical connection is essential – the knowledge and insight the participants gain must be directly applicable when they return to their workplaces.

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