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Published on October 16th, 2013 | by Anniki Skeidsvoll Eden


KIC InnoEnergy, CorPower Ocean and Iberdrola Engineering for High Efficiency Wave Power

With the aim of bringing competitive wave power technology to market, a consortia involvingIberdrola Engineering, CorPower Ocean and WavEC Renewables will conduct ocean trials with a new type of compact wave power systems over the next three years.

Through the joint project HiWave, the partners will demonstrate the technology, operations and commercial viability of harvesting energy from ocean waves using a Wave Energy Converter (WEC) inspired by the pumping principles of the human heart.

“In the HiWave project we plan to generate five times more energy per ton of device than previously shown with wave power, and to prove robust operations with our Wave Energy Converters. We are excited to work with Iberdrola Engineering as a leading infrastructure engineering company with a strong background in offshore renewables. This allows CorPower to focus on developing the most efficient devices, increase the supply capabilities and shorten time-to-market” says Patrik Möller, CEO at CorPower Ocean.

Ocean trials will be done in two steps, with a scale prototype during 2014-2015 and a full scale system during 2015-2016. The project also includes developing refined numerical and cost-of-energy models, utility scale wave farm concepts and establishing the supply chain.

“- The fact that CorPower and Iberdrola sign a contract is a proof of concept for our business model, where a synergy is created when our incubator coaches a company that is also part of one of our innovation projects. I am follwing the development with huge interest here.” Kenneth Johansson, CEO at KIC InnoEnergy Sweden

CorPower Ocean will be responsible for supplying and optimizing the WEC devices, Iberdrola Engineering for developing offshore farms and infrastructure and WavEC for analysis and validation throughout the various stages. The project is a part of KIC InnoEnergy’s programme for Innovative Product Development, bringing together key organizations in the energy sector.

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