About Kynningsrud

Kynningsrud Prefab manufactures and supplies all types of concrete and steel elements that constitute the “backbone” of many different building types. One can also say that we build sports arenas, schools, car parks, commercial premises and homes – because that is exactly what we do!

Our modern factory is growing steadily

Our factory is located in Uddevalla and is one of the most modern prefabrication factories in Sweden. We have the capacity to produce over 200 000 tons of concrete products each year, and we are increasing it. Our vision is to steadily increase production capacity in the years to come.

Wider range of products

This means that we will be able to offer our customers an even broader and larger product range of hole covers, double T slabs, walls, columns, beams and various special products. If customers prefer other concrete products we always do our best to find a solution for that too.

Health, Safety and Environment first

At Kynningsrud Prefab we have a clear priority, that we always strive for. First comes health, safety and the environment – HSE – and then operations and economics. We intend to be a leader in HSE within our spheres of activity and to perform every assignment with the highest level of safety and quality. Not surprising really. To us both personell and customers are equally important.

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