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Published on October 16th, 2013 | by Anniki Skeidsvoll Eden


Delivers precast constructions to Jönköping Energi

 Jönköping Energi is building both new office premises and a measuring station


Kynningsrud Prefab in Uddevalla continues to pick orders in the domestic market. It is now clear that Kynningsrud Prefab, on behalf of Peab, is projecting, manufacturing and assembling the precasted constructions to Jönköping Energi’s new office building and measuring station.


– It’s fun to achieve a big project delivering precast constructions just in Jönköping. This is an expansive region and a part of what we consider our home market. This is a region in which we want to grow further, says Carl-Johan Appelberg, Marketing Director at Kynningsrud Prefab.

The construction will be directly connected to the power plant on Torsvik.
Kynningsrud Prefab’s project includes approximately 7 000 sqm. hollow-core slabs and about 4 000 sqm. of concrete walls.

Installation is due to start in week 4 next year and is expected to be completed in
12 weeks. The order value for Kynningsrud Prefab is 17.5 million SEK.

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