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Published on October 14th, 2013 | by Anniki Skeidsvoll Eden


Tackle the strain on Baltic Sea with lime products


The ministerial meeting of the Helsinki Commission agreed last week on new targets for emission reductions. For Finland, the emission cuts of phosphorus and nitrogen doubled from the earlier agreements. This is a big challenge because it is especially difficult to cut down the phosphorus leachate with a tight schedule. It is laborious and time consuming to reduce the old phosphorus reserves in the soil because solids will leach from fields even if agricultural production were to be discontinued altogether.

One alternative for reducing the strain on the watercourses is structural liming. It reduces the erosion tendencies of the soil and strengthens the granular structure of the field. When the endurance of the granules improves, less soil will silt up into the water. Because majority of the phosphorus from fields with bad soil fabric leaches with solids, the phosphorus leachate will decrease substantially with structural liming. The studies show good results and the method is already in use in Sweden. How common the method will become in Finland is partly up to the coming environmental subvention system.

The treatment suits all clayey soils and especially those along watercourses. It is particularly well suited for this kind of fields, which also have a high concentration of phosphorous. These sectors have the most to gain both environmentally and from the farmer’s point of view. As with soil improvement liming, the consequence of structural liming is raised pH levels in an acidic arable land, which further helps the plants to utilize nutrients already restored in the soil. Another important benefit is the improved water management: fields that have been limed with structural lime dry quicker in the spring hence become ready for sowing faster.

In Sweden, Nordkalk is, in cooperation with Stockholm Vatten, structural liming an area of 360 acres. The exhibition of the project provides information on both structural liming and lime filter drainage in the managing of the phosphorus runoff waters. Fore more information about the project visit and


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